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Monday, June 26, 2006

More kool-aid yarn dyeing-- Soy silk & Alpaca-silk blend

I should be working on Lucky, but I keep getting distracted!

After having some troubles getting the soy silk to hold the dye, I got some help on craftster. The trick was either the vinegar/warm water soak beforehand, or heating it longer (or both).
The soy silk is South West Trading Co's Phoenix in "white", which is really an off-white. Dyed with kool-aid flavors:
Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Light Blue)
Berry Blue (darker blue-- I also added a pinch of Sharkleberry Fin to some of it to make it less neon)
Arctic Green Apple (light green)
Lemon-Lime (Darker green. Some of it mixed with a little Berry Blue to tone it down)

This one is Blue Sky Alapaca's 50% Silk 50% Alpaca in white (also slightly off-white). It is currently being used to make my second attempt at Broadstreet Mittens. I'm not sure how I feel about the color combo, but I'm sticking to it and completing the mittens this time.
Colors are --same blues and greens as above (this time the lemon-lime was also mixed with a pinch of Sharkleberry fin for a less bright green). The red is lots of Sharkleberry fin + one packet of Cherry + one packet of Grape Illusion.


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