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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update 4: Hats! Finished! All in Noro Yarn

Why yes, I am addicted to Noro. As of this very moment, I am resisting the urge to order some of that new Silk Garden lite. I have to remind myself that I already have 20 something skeins of Cash Iroha just sitting around without purpose.

So hey, here are some hats I've made:

1) Based on the the Hot Head pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch, except knit in the round--a hat for my sister, in Noro Iro shade 56:

a)A hat for me in Noro Transitions (maybe Shade 8, but I'm not sure--I didn't save the tag) (left). This one is also, loosely based on Hot Head, except done in the round, with 3x2 rib, and some easy lace pattern I made up. I made myself another transitions hat, but I can't find it.....
b) The hat on the right was my attempt at Coronet. The cabled part, which you can't clearly see in the photo, was done in black Noro Cash Iroha, and the top part was done in Noro Aurora (I think shade #1). I do not like how this hat turned out...

3) Two hats for my brother.
a)The one on the right was done in Noro Transitions shade #1 (By the way, Transistions is a great yarn for hats--it's very warm, knits up quickly, and is self striping). Again, based on the Hot Head Pattern, in the round.
b) The one on the left is Tychus from knitty, done in Noro Transitions shade #19 and several shades of blue Cash Iroha. I tried to get a graduated effect with the Cash Iroha colors, but it didn't work out how I'd hoped....

....maybe in this photo you could get a better idea of what I was aiming for:


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