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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update 2: Things that need a partner---will they get one?

Again, Blogger is randomly rotating my images..and again, I can't be bothered to fix this.

1.)What was meant to be a Broadstreet Mitten, but never became one, in Koigu, assorted colors. Too many colors, actually. I got all this lovely, bright Koigu, got way too excited and tried to use them all at once. I don't think this glove will get a partner, but I might try the pattern again, with a slightly more subdued color combo. At least I now know that making a glove isn't all that hard.
The glove is currently being used as a camera case by my sister, and has starred in a series of photographs, shot at a local nightclub, with my sis's friends

2.)A sock, made from the blue/green yarn I dyed (and re-dyed, with more blue this time). This one will probably have a partner. It's warm and it makes a nice "house sock"


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