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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update 3: Things I will probably/definitely finish, eventually

Hehe, my tubeys should be here too--I still haven't weaved in the ends.

1.) A scarf in Noro Silk Garden 224, black Zara leftover from Tubey, and some sparkly mohair.
I don't know if I want to finish this--sometimes I like it and sometimes I hate it. The idea is that the black stripes will slowly get bigger, so that the other end of the scarf will be mostly black. My uncertainty stems from the Silk Garden Colorway because......

....sometimes there's colors like this blue/purple mix section (the color surrounding the black stripe here--click the pic to see a closeup) which I loooveee so much. I wish Noro made a yarn with just this color. And.....

.....then there's colors like this yellow, which I'm not too crazy about. To make matters worse, it's directly next to the lovely blue/purple.

2) Some squares I made for a Psychedelic Squares afghan, Garter stitch version, in Noro Silk Garden 228 (left) and 224 (right). The one on the right may be recycled for the scarf above. These squares are good for "on the go" knitting, so I might just do one once in a'll be a long term project.

3) Some camera cases in Zara (left), blue/green dyed yarn and various other yarns(middle), and a sloppy crochet case for my sister's ipod I made in France from some cotton yarn I bought there (right)
Case 1: technially done, I guess- Maybe I need to weave the ends in a little better so it doesn't look so messy
Case 2: I wanted to felt this, but don't seem to be able to felt properly...I'm not sure what to do about this..try again, maybe. Also, it needs a button
Case 3: Is done.


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